Tokyo 20XX is your guide to Japan

Japan is notoriously impenetrable to the uninitiated. “The streets of this city have no names,” wrote theorist and semiotician Roland Barthes in awe and confusion on his first visit to Tokyo in the late-1960s, His feeling still applies for anyone attempting to decode the subtext behind Japan’s language, its cultural traditions, and its interpersonal values.

Navigating Japanese society can be a minefield without someone to lead you through. At the same time, it’s a country whose cultural, commercial and economic impact cannot be ignored; as it contends with accelerating evolution in social trends, including a drastically aging society and rapid urban migration. In this way, Japan is also a pathfinder nation grappling with serious issues that other global markets will similarly face in the near future.

…and the streets still don’t have names. Let our blog series, Tokyo 20XX Vision, guide you through. This series present insights from Japan to help modern business leaders tap into local culture and break into an essential market for any truly global organisation.

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