MullenLowe Group Japan at Spikes Asia

With the end of 2018 fast approaching, this is the right time for brands to start thinking about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as an opportunity to listen rather than speak to consumers in order to create an unfair share of attention.

The global sporting event presents a unique platform for brands to observe consumer behaviour and understand cultural themes that are only exposed once every four years.

In their session at Spikes Asia 2018, MullenLowe Group Japan will present ‘Data Spikes: The Real Games Behind the Japan Olympics’. The keynote will reveal findings from its unique cultural insights specialism, Tokyo 20XX, and key learnings from examining the digital footprint of the last Summer Games supported by Eurosport’s proprietary data.

The keynote will be delivered by James Hollow, CEO MullenLowe Group Japan, Jonathan Hart, Head of Data Science and Analytics, Zélia Sakhi, Head of Experience and Mike Sunda, Project Lead for Tokyo 20XX.

Data Spikes: The Real Games Behind the Japan Olympics
Wednesday 26th September, 15:15-16.00, Spotlight Stage

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