Tokyo 20XX is a cultural insights specialism committed to working with brands to meaningfully entwine their values with the city’s effervescent cultural scenes and support Tokyo’s local creator communities.

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on the horizon, the coming years are set to spark renewed globalisation efforts and supercharge consumer culture in Japan. As a city, Tokyo is home to some of the most innovative, provocative, and eye-catching demonstrations of creator culture anywhere in the world. This trend is only set to continue, making it a key location for any truly global brand.

In the post-opt-out age of ad-blockers, crowdsourced creativity and a splintered consumer environment, culture is the most meaningful vessel for communicating a brand’s vision. We work with brands that support the development of culture while evolving their own identity.

Tokyo 20XX employs a multidisciplinary approach. We begin with powerful data-driven analytics, pairing quantitative research methodology with insights informed by a network ofculture-specific Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and scene ambassadors. We identify synergies, consumer trends, and potential opportunities for brands across 8 (7+1) cultural dimensions, spanning Music, Fashion, Technology, Art, LGBTQ, Sports, Food, plus one customizable field for brands whose purview falls outside our core 7 dimensions. We tease out insights into consumers’ cultural affinities to a deeper level of granular detail, and debunk the usual demographic segmentation in favour of actionable ‘cultural synergies’.

Tokyo 20XX examines scenes in their holistic entirety, putting the creators front-and-centre and respecting the collective attitudes, behaviours and cultural nuances woven into the very fabric of culture. Our process culminates in a robust cultural entwinement strategy, grounded in the insights of the most invested stakeholders of them all: the creator community behind the scene itself.

For more information about how Tokyo 20XX can help your brand, get in touch with Kasumi.Mizoguchi@mullenlowe.com.


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